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Chinese Medicine

What Happens When You Visit a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner? A TCM practitioner would assess your overall health by taking a health history, doing a tongue assessment, pulse assessment, and a physical exam, identifying any Imbalances or qi blockages. If

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Cancer Support

Acupuncture for Cancer Support Acupuncture for the side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.  It is a whole body approach and we can assist with anxiety/stress levels, depression, nausea and pain, numbness and digestive problems. Acupuncture has been used in China

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Acupuncture For Pain Treatment

What should I expect from an Acupuncture session with Dr Lyn Stevens? After the initial consultation to understand where the excess and deficiencies lay within the body and mind, what we wish to achieve in time is a sense of

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Why Choose Alternative Therapy Camden?

Alternative Therapies is a friendly, family practice. Dr Lyn Stevens and Mr Noel Stevens, are both business partners and life partners.

Both Lyn’s and Noels life journeys has provided the solid foundation for them to help you.

Lyn and Noel invite you to call for an appointment or a confidential enquiry.

Our clinic is fully accredited with all private health funds and rebates available.

Meet Our Practioners

Both Lyn and Noel look forward to meeting you to discuss your needs.