Acupuncture For Pain Treatment

What should I expect from an Acupuncture session with Dr Lyn Stevens?

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Dr Lyn Stevens is an expert at Acupuncture.

After the initial consultation to understand where the excess and deficiencies lay within the body and mind, what we wish to achieve in time is a sense of calm and balance.  That the patient is able to relax and take some time out during the session so that the Acupuncture is able to repair/support the organs and mind, to aid in the body being able to heal itself.  In time the patient will be able to know when they need support before it has been out of balance for too long.


If a patient comes in for pain, either neck pain, back muscle pain or any other pain, they should be able to leave feeling a marked change as to what they came in with, this is possible even from the first treatment.  Sometimes, people do take a little longer as they gain the trust in the medicine that it is different from conventional medicine.

Very rarely a patient might experience a bruise from the needles but this will resolve quickly and no permanent damage is done.  All care is taken to keep this to a minimum.

Acupuncture is amazing at calming the mind. Never under estimate the power of the body, We need to listen to what it is trying to tell us.

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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. This is done by inserting needles at very precise acupuncture points.

Acupuncture is a system which can influence three areas of health care:

  • Promotion of health and well-being,
  • Prevention of illness,
  • Treatment of various medical conditions.

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While acupuncture is often associated with pain control, in the hands of a qualified practitioner registered by government body, it has many more applications.

Acupuncture can be effective as the only treatment used, or as the support or adjunct to other medical and or complementary treatment forms.  It can used to support Cancer patients with the side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

Acupuncture Points Chart

A very common chart people have seen is the Acupuncture Points Chart. These charts have been in existence for over five hundred years and are crucial in the Traditional Chinese Medicine methodology. Whilst in a session with Dr Lyn Stevens ask her about these charts (they are in her office) and how it relates to your symptoms.


Things Acupuncture Can Assist to Treat

The use of acupuncture can assist in the treatment of a wide range of medical problems, including:

  • Digestive disorders: gastritis and hyperacidity, spastic colon, constipation, diarrhea.
  • Respiratory disorders: sinusitis, sore throat, bronchitis, asthma, recurrent chest infections.
  • Neurological and muscular disorders: headaches, facial tics, neck pain, rib neuritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, various forms of tendinitis, low back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis.
  • Urinary, and menstrual problems.

Acupuncture Benefits

Acupuncture is particularly useful in resolving emotional problems related to tension and stress and physical conditions.  Scientific has an explanation now  that needling the acupuncture points stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. These chemicals will either change the experience of pain, or they will trigger the release of other chemicals and hormones which influence the body’s own internal regulating system.

The improved energy and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture results in stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities, and in promoting emotional and physical well-being.

Do I have to believe in acupuncture for it to work?

No. Acupuncture is used successfully on cats, dogs, horses and other animals. These animal patients do not understand or believe in the process that helps them get better. A positive attitude toward wellness may reinforce the effects of the treatment received, just as a negative attitude may hinder the effects of acupuncture or any other treatment. A neutral attitude is the best, if you’re not sure it is worth giving it a go.  The body is an amazing machine, don’t under estimate it’s ability for healing its self when given the right help.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

People experience acupuncture needling differently. Most patients feel only minimal pain as the needles are inserted; some feel no pain at all. Once the needles are in place, some people feel a tingle, others feel a nerve like pain, and other feel nothing at all. Acupuncture needles are very thin and solid and are made from surgical steel. The point is rounded (not hollow with cutting edges like a needle that would be used like for a vaccine) and insertion through the skin is not as painful as injections or blood sampling. Sometimes a bruise may form at the needle site but this will be the only side effect if any. It usually resolves in a few days.

Today registered acupuncturist only use disposable needles, so there is no risk of infection from the treatments. They are educated for the safety of the patient at all times.

Acupuncture Treatment Costs

When you call to discuss your needs, ask Dr Stevens to quote you on your treatment based on the symptoms you have.

Our clinic is fully accredited with all private health funds and rebates available.