Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy Help


In today’s busy world, we are seeing a large increase of fertility issues.  When using our practice to support you on your journey, many things are taken into account including the quality of sperm that is needed for conception.

In Chinese Medicine we are able to support the liver and immune system and other areas to enable the best sperm quality possible for that male in a 3 month cycle prior to a IVF cycle, giving the couple a better chance of a successful transfer if they don’t fall on their own.

Dr Lyn Stevens can discuss how to support your fertility issues with you

There are many factors for both sides that should be addressed before trying for a baby. How long have you been on the pill, or have PCOS and many other problems.  Are your periods are painful, heavy, clotty, darker blood is not normal even it if has always been that way.  Is your cycle to far apart, to close together or no cycle at all?  Chinese medicine has been used to correct these disharmonies for centuries..

pregnancy help

Stress and overwork or burning the wick at both ends, we must to look into your DIET it is so important to look at all areas and addressed them for a beautiful healthy baby, we take care of you.